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Planning Application Drawings

JOD Planning Drawing Register TLI Planning drawing Issue Sheet Grid Connection Route Drawing 05829-DR-100_OSLM Grid Connection Route Drawing 05829-DR-101_SLP (SH 1 of 9) Grid Connection Route Drawing 05829-DR-102_SLP (SH 2 of 9) Grid Connection Route Drawing 05829-DR-103_SLP (SH 3 of 9) Grid Connection Route Drawing 05829-DR-104_SLP (SH 4 of 9) Grid Connection Route Drawing 05829-DR-105_SLP (SH 5 of 9) Grid Connection Route Drawing 05829-DR-106_SLP (SH 6 of 9) Grid Connection Route Drawing 05829-DR-107_SLP (SH 7 of 9) Grid Connection Route Drawing 05829-DR-108_SLP (SH 8 of 9) Grid Connection Route Drawing 05829-DR-109_SLP (SH 9 of 9) 05829-DR-150_110kV Trench In Public Road 05829-DR-151_110kV Trench in Access Track 05829-DR-152_110kV Trench in flat formation 05829-DR-153_110kV Trench in flat formation with ECC 05829-DR-154_110kV Trench Service Over Crossing 05829-DR-155_110kV Trench Service Under Crossing 05829-DR-156_110kV Trench in Access Track with ECC 05829-DR-157_110kV Trench Watercourse Crossing 05829-DR-158_110kV Trench Watermain Over Crossing 05829-DR-159_110kV Trench Watermain Under Crossing 05829-DR-160_110kV Transition Chamber 05829-DR-161_110kV Joint Bay Arrangement 05829-DR-162_Typical Comms Chamber (C2) Detail 05829-DR-163_Link Box Chamber Details 05829-DR-164_TII Bridge Crossing 05829-DR-165_HDD Under Cattle Culvert 05829-DR-166_Ballykerin Stream 05829-DR-167_Finisk River Crossing 05829-DR-168_Trench In Public Road with ECC 05829-DR-169_Trench In National Road 05829-DR-180_Substation Compound Elevations 05829-DR-181_Control Building_Plan & Elevations 05829-DR-182_IPP Building_Plan & Elevations 05829-DR-183_Gate & Fencing Details 05829-DR-184_Lightning Mast Details 05829-DR-185_Drainage Detail 05829-DR-186_Substation Plan 05829-DR-187_Substation Road Detail Overall Site Location Map 6497-PL-001 Overall Site Location Map Index Drawing 6497-PL-002 Site location Map 6497-PL-003 Site location Map 6497-PL-004 Site location Map 6497-PL-005 Site location Map 6497-PL-006 Site location Map 6497-PL-007 Site location Map 6497-PL-008 Site location Map 6497-PL-009 Site location Map 6497-PL-010 Site location Map 6497-PL-011 Site location Map 6497-PL-012 Site location Map 6497-PL-013 Site location Map 6497-PL-014 Site location Map 6497-PL-015 Site location Map 6497-PL-016 Site location Map 6497-PL-017 Site location Map 6497-PL-018 Site location Map 6497-PL-019 Site location Map 6497-PL-020 Proposed Overall Site layout Plan 6497-PL-100 Site Layout Plan 6497-PL-101 Site Layout Plan 6497-PL-102 Site Layout Plan 6497-PL-103 Site Layout Plan 6497-PL-104 Site Layout Plan 6497-PL-105 Site Layout Plan 6497-PL-106 Proposed Site Layout Plan and Haulage Route 6497-PL-201 Proposed Site Layout Plan and Haulage Route 6497-PL-202 Drainage Details 6497-PL-301 Drainage Details 6497-PL-302 Drainage Details 6497-PL-303 Drainage Details 6497-PL-304 Road Construction Details 6497-PL-401 Road Construction Details 6497-PL-402 Crane Hardstand Layout Plan 6497-PL-501 Wind Turbine Generator Detail 6497-PL-701 Proposed Met Mast Elevation and Section 6497-PL-801 Temporary Construction Compound Details 6497-PL-901 Cable Marker Post Details 6497-PL-902 Cess Pit Detail 6497-PL-903 Proposed Internal Cable Trench Detail6497-PL-904 Concrete Post and Fence Details 6497-PL-905 Pallisade Gate Details 6497-PL-906 Pallisade Fence details 6497-PL-907